During the COVID-19 crisis The Choice Group will remain open providing services and information to our clients.  Please contact your Vocational Counselor directly or reach our main office by phone (804) 278-9151/ (877) 374-5312 or email TTW@TheChoiceGroup.com

Ticket to Work - Ticketholder 

The Choice Group has assisted thousands of persons with disabilities in achieving their employment goals.  Our Vocational Counselors are skilled at resume creation, networking and overcoming barriers to employment.  Certified Benefits Counselors are available to talk with you about the impact of earned income on your cash and health benefits.  

The Ticket to Work program provides support for Social Security beneficiaries who want to work and earn their way off cash benefits (we can help you keep your health benefits).  The program is voluntary and at no cost to you.

For more information send us an email at info@thechoicegroup.com

Prepare for employment
Find employment
  • Access a network of local employment contacts

  • Assistance with applications

  • Review the effect that earned income from specific job opportunities will have on your benefits, and how to predict and plan for changes

Achieve employment success
  • Negotiate job site accommodations

  • Create an individualized plan for maintaining employment

  • Access to advocacy and assistance with Social Security issues


“Remember, I am Superman on crutches!”

“All my life I have had to prove people wrong… but I am not easily intimidated.” Alberto Gamboa shares about the career he has built, in spite of expectations from a young age that he would not accomplish much because of his disability.  Alberto was born in Columbia with Cerebral Palsy. Doctors feared he would not live, much less lead a successful life...

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