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Let us help you to meet
your federal benchmark utilization requirements
Employer services

  • Meet Federal 503 Utilization Benchmark requirements

  • Targeted recruiting

  • Applicant pre-screening

  • Hiring events

  • Job placement

  • Social Security Disability Benefit “Employee Assistance Plan”

  • Professional consultation with rehabilitation professionals

  • Reasonable accommodations

  • Assistive technology

  • Job modifications

  • Workplace accessibility

  • Staff training 

  • Inclusive workplace practices

  • Networking with disability organizations

  • Ticket to Work


The Choice Group has been a trusted community partner for employers and job seekers since 1998. For more than twenty years we have successfully helped thousands across the state reach their employment goals.  By partnering with The Choice Group you gain access to a vast network of employers, advocates, and qualified applicants.  


The clients we serve are motivated, work-ready, and have the potential to become some of your hardest-working and most dedicated employees.  We also offer ongoing support to individuals once they are employed to facilitate their continued success and stability in employment.  


Are you hoping to foster an inclusive workplace for persons with disabilities?  We can help.  The Choice Group provides free services to support staff who have disabilities to ensure their ongoing success.  Our advocates are available to answer questions about Social Security Disability benefits, recommend reasonable accommodations, or put in place assistive technology to increase productivity.  The Choice Group can also provide training to organizations on accessibility, diverse hiring and inclusive workplace practices.    


The Choice Group provides employers access to a pool of qualified applicants with disabilities who are ready to work.  All applicants are pre-screened, making the hiring process faster and easier.  Our staff work with you to identify people with the skills, education and background you are looking for.


503 regulations require identification and accurate reporting.  Our goal is to foster a supportive environment where employees feel the confidence to self-disclose disability and access appropriate supports, creating successful outcomes for the employee and employer.    


We identify and address barriers to retention and advancement.  Individuals may have concerns about continuing employment or seeking promotions due to the impact of earned income on their Social Security disability benefits.   Consider us your disability benefits “Employee Assistance Plan” by directing employees to qualified benefits advisors who can answer their questions.  Beneficiaries are more likely to achieve their potential within your organization when they have a clear understanding of their benefits.

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