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​INDIVIDUAL -  The goal of counseling is to provide a safe, accepting, non-judgmental place where individuals can explore issues in confidence. A Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) or Licensed Resident in Counseling listens to the client, and respects his/her individuality and right to make decisions. The therapist and the client become a team and explore the individual’s strengths, values, fears and difficulties to address the issues that are identified as priorities. The collaborative goal will be to develop in the individual a sense of confidence and emotional well-being.

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Justin Sheets

MS, CRC, Licensed Professional Counselor

Justin Sheets is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) who works with clients to address the emotional issues that are interfering with their lives. Some areas of focus include: Autism Spectrum Disorder, anxiety, depression, disability adjustment, life transitions, LGBT+ issues, and relationships. Utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and a strengths-based approach, Justin engages clients in challenging negative self-concepts, exploring how the past impacts present behavior, and reframing beliefs about the world around them in order to lessen anxiety, stress, and depression – while increasing healthy coping skills and building a positive self-image.

Justin believes that the foundations for a healthy and balanced mindset are already within every one of us; however, sometimes we need help along the way with knowing how to go about creating the life path we envision for ourselves. Justin’s role is to guide you and facilitate your personal growth by providing a non-judgmental and safe environment where you can express yourself freely and learn the skills necessary to aid the all-important work of becoming who you want to be.

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​​Rachel Hoffman

MS, MDiv, CRC, Licensed Professional Counselor


Rachel is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC).  She has been a part of The Choice Group since 2012, working with individuals who have a wide range of disabilities including Intellectual Disability, Developmental Disability, Autism, vision impairment, and Traumatic Brain Injury.  Rachel has a wide range of clinical experience supporting individuals with Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, panic disorder, substance use disorder, trauma, anxiety and depression.  She also has more than ten years of experience working with adolescents and young adults.   


In counseling, Rachel creates a safe place where individuals can explore their identity, discover their strengths, and address negative experiences and patterns of behavior which prevent them from living life to the fullest.  Her approach is client-centered and holistic, integrating Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with mindfulness and Family Systems.  Her areas of specialty include counseling for teens and young adults, career transitions, adjustment to disability, relationships, marriage and family counseling, grief, death and loss.      

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